Class Structure

Class Structure

Our class structure for 2020 is as follows.

St Mary’s Primary School operates with single-year level classes. Our Foundation classrooms are capped at 20 students with each classroom averaging 18 students this year. Our Year 1-6 classes average 22 students per class.  In addition to our teachers we have 22 LSO’s (teacher aides) who work across classrooms supporting children and programs. The grade structure is as follows:

  • Foundation, 4 classes 
  • Grade 1, 4 classes 
  • Grade 2, 4 classes 
  • Grade 3, 4 classes 
  • Grade 4, 4 classes 
  • Grade 5, 4 classes 
  • ​Grade 6, 3 classes 

At St Mary’s Primary School, we understand that school is a very important chapter in your child’s life and we aim to provide programs to meet the learning needs of your child and help them feel secure and happy in their journey through school.

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